HTTP API: Problem with /cube/save

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  • HTTP API: Problem with /cube/save

    Hello all,

    I'm testing the HTTP API and try to save a cube with id=44 to disk after having changed some cell values. I expect the following behaviour:
    1. Cell values are saved to database_CUBE_44.csv.
    2. Log file of that cube (database_CUBE_44_0.log) is empty afterwards.
    3. Log file entries are moved to database_CUBE_44.archived.

    I have received a valid sid by calling localhost:7777/server/login.

    With this sid I call (database id and cube id are valid as well):
    The return value is "1;" (means OK) but nothing happens. The files database_CUBE_44.csv, database_CUBE_44_0.log and database_CUBE_44.archived remain unchanged.

    The status of the cube remains unchanged as well. The following command shows that the status remains 2 (2=changed):
    Other cubes with no changed cell values have status 1=loaded (which is the correct status).

    What could be the problem here?

    Thank you very much in advance.