Rules with attributes

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    • Rules with attributes


      I'm in fight with an numeric attribute, which I want to use as exchange rate for a foreign currency.

      Given Dimensions:

      Division (here is define the currency, named "exchange rate", as attribute),
      Account (e.g. 0678663, 0893341)
      Datainfo (Elements: Budget, Budget EUR, Ist, Ist EUR)
      Measure (Elements: value, text)

      What I define as rule and doesn't function:

      ['Ist EUR'] = ['Ist'] / PALO.DATA("Host/Cube", "#_Division", "exchange rate", !'Division'). If I substitute the function PALO.DATA with an constant value, all is fine!

      Where is my thinking error or what is the right syntax for PALO.DATA?

      Thanks, for Help!
    • RE: Rules with attributes

      maybe your exchange rate doesn't get recognized as a number, why not trying to convert it to a number using the VALUE() function:

      ['Ist EUR'] = ['Ist'] / VALUE(PALO.DATA("Host/Cube", "#_Division", "exchange rate", !'Division'))

      And you have to ensure your exchange rate is always present in order to avoid the VALUE function to return 0 (when conversion fails) and in turn the ratio to return an overflow.

      Hope it helps,

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    • Hi realqo,

      attribute "exchange rate" is defined as numeric.

      I have try it with value(... , but no result.

      I believe, it is only a stupid mistake, but I don't know, how to solve it!

      Every basic data entry contents the information division. So I think,
      that automatically "exange rate" is available. But: Think I right?

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