Rule operators don't work

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    • Rule operators don't work

      Hello everybody,

      I'm beginer in PALO (several years experience with TM1) and have probably very stupid problem.
      I want to calculate monthly movement as difference YTD numbers of two following month.

      Formulas are following :

      ['0','Month'] = ['0','YTD']
      ['1','Month'] = ['1','YTD'] - ['0','YTD']
      where 0,1 are months (Opening,January)
      I write YTD data manually through PALO.DATA function and Month figures should be then calculated by formula.

      The formula for January doesn't work. There is always '' instead of result.
      When I remove the following part of formula "- ['0','YTD']" January Month shows me January YTD which means that first part of source formula works.

      My feeling is that the formula doesn't work, because it is not possible to deduct two string values of Jan YTD and Opening YTD.

      In TM1 it works without any problem.

      Thanks in advance for help.

    • RE: Rule operators don't work

      If I understand you correctly, you are trying to run arithmetic operations on string valued cells. In that case you would first have to cast those values from string to double.

      If you plan to do many calculations with those cells, then why not using numeric element type in the first place?
      Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

      Vladislav Malicevic
      VP Development & Support
      Jedox AG
    • RE: Rule operators don't work

      Hi Vladislav,

      thanks for quick answer.

      I dont understand why those cells are defined as string format. I haven't defined them like this.
      May be problem is that I defined all dimensions/elements as string type firstly and afterwards I changed their type to numeric.

      Can you advise me how to convert those string values to numeric/double?
      I tried few things do to but it really seems that formulas don't work because data are string type.

      Thanks & Regards

    • RE: Rule operators don't work

      I found it !! :D

      I found one dimension whose elements were still string type ++> changed to numeric type.

      The PALO excel add-in has been not added properly to excel. There was only added PALO12, but not PALO add-in. After adding PALO add-in and re-start of Excel it is working (on Excel 2007 and also Excel 2003).

      HOwever I still don't understand the mean of element type - string/numeric. What exactly it means and what is the purpose of that?
    • Hi,

      in TM1 only string elements in the last dimension allow a user to store string values like attributes in a cube. In Palo the string elements on any dimension define a certain area to hold string values.

      In the manuals you can find further examples for string usage in cubes.