Simpler ETL tool for non-IT

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  • Simpler ETL tool for non-IT

    Hey. Are there any non-IT developers on this forum, i.e. anyone coming from a finance background and developing financial models on Palo, for example?

    I find the Palo ETL Server relatively hard to understand and use as a non-technical person. Would it not be possible to simplify it similarly to something like Turbo Integrator in TM1, which is simple to draft and use? Just an idea - many superusers and developers come from a non-technical background and would appreciate something like that!

    By the way, the recent Palo for Excel release is outstanding, stability on business rules is so much better than previous releases - well done to the Palo team!!
  • RE: Simpler ETL tool for non-IT

    Hi snoozy,

    I have an accounting background and while I would consider myself as knowing a lot about B.I. applications and practices I do not have any technical training.

    I like Palo over TM1 for a number of reasons.

    Rules are a lot easier to use in that there is no requirement for feeders and the rule editor in Palo does a great job of helping you build syntaxes if you are new to the whole rules concept.

    In terms of the ETL, TurboIntegrator is nice but the Palo ETL is far more comprehensive and once you get past all the options it is actually a lot better tool and in my view more logical to use in terms of being able to follow the whole ETL process.

    This is all very general so if you are interested in anything specific feel free to ask.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Rod,

    I can only agree with you. While in TM1 TI you need scripts for many situations, ETL Server comes with a lot of functionality out-of-the-box and therefore suiting the needs of business users. That's one of the various reasons we no longer consider Palo the "smaller brother of TM1".

    Just give it a try, some things work comletely different in ETL Server, but the tool follows a few simple concepts that you will understand very quickly - especially if you have a TM1 background.

  • Thanks for the feedback - guess I should give ETL Server another chance. Just seems quite intimidating compared to TI that I quickly got very familiar with:)

    Rod - with regards to feeders I have a slightly different opinion, maybe as I do come from an advanced rules writing perspective. Specifying feeders separately allows a lot more flexibility, especially when it comes to conditional feeders. Unfortunately, as soon as IF conditions are involved in a rule, Palo Markers cannot be used, with the result that performance degradation can be significant.

    This if of course only an issue in complex planning models and not in simple data slice and dice or reporting models.

    Even while saying this, I am very impressed with Palo's progress - great work Jedox!
  • Hi,

    I totally agree with you when it comes to Feeders vs. Markers. At the first look and for very simple rules using [[ ]] is quite nice, but no way they can match the functionality of TM1. Speaking as an IBM Partner too: What else would remain to sell TM1 over Palo?

  • I have not played around much with security, users, or looked at transaction logging on Palo, but I presume these will all be on the same level as TM1? A TO DO on my list.

    Also speaking as employee of an IBM Partner - feeders really is the only key item that's missing!

    Any chance this is in the roadmap for one day, as it does impact on complex planning apps? Please?:)
  • Hi,

    implementing external security providers is a lot easier in TM1 (everything from SSO, AD, LDAP, C8) comes out of the box.
    Transaction logging in TM1 shows element ids instead of the internal ids shown in palo archives and logs.