Palo OpenOffice AddIn for Mac OS

      Palo OpenOffice AddIn for Mac OS

      Hi everyone,
      I´m interested in the installation of Palo OpenOffice on a Mac. I could install it without any error or any message and I got the menu item in OO.
      But when I clicked on the menu item in OO, I got the Mac hour glass and that´s it. I had to "kill" OO.
      Does someone know if there is a possibility to run Palo on Mac OS?
      Thanks in advance.
      Kind regards
      Christa Wendelin
      Christa Wendelin

      RE: Palo OpenOffice AddIn for Mac OS

      Hi Christa,

      OpenOffice should run on a Mac but I suspect the Palo addin requires compiling for OS X. It may have hung for a number of reasons including not being able to find the Palo server.

      I know the Palo server needs to be recompiled for OS X and I expect you may have to do the same for the OO add-in. The following is a link to a reference I found ages ago when trying to do something similar:

      I have to admit I never tested to see if this worked as I ended up just running the project on a Windows machine.

      Hope this helps.

      I have yet to test it on a Mac (was scheduled last week Friday ...) but talking to our Mac Guru we expect the same problem than here:

      Last weekend I tried again to build the addin with a newer version of Ubuntu (10.10). I actually managed to get all the dependencies right (had to tweak some shell scripts of the OO SDK on the way too ... horror ... ) but the build stalled my 4GB development machine ... ;(

      Works fine in 32bit in a 1GB virtual machine though.