splashing error

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  • splashing error

    Dear Palo friends,

    Thanks again for the very usefull conference in Offenbach, I enjoyed it very much.

    Iwant to splash values into a cube and get the following error message:

    "splashing is not possible: too many cells: error 5012"

    The cube does have 3 billion (German numbers format) cells and I try to use my poor notebook for this.

    Is there a physical limit for splashing, besides that my computer may gets mad.

    If yes what is the limit?

    Many thnaks
  • RE: splashing error

    splash limit (in MB) is set in the palo.ini file in your Palo data directory, just look for an entry like

    Source Code

    1. splash-limit 1000 500 100

    Here's the explanation from the palo.ini.sample file:

    ## splashing limits in mega byte
    # generate an error if splashing requires more space than the first number
    # generate a warning entry if splashing requires more space than the second
    # number generate a info entry if splashing requires more space than the third
    # number
    # splash-limit 1000 500 100

    You have to restart the palo service after you modify the ini file.

    And be careful when splashing, you may have to wait minutes or even hours if you are writing on a lot of cells.

  • splash error

    Changing this parameter or even putting a # in front does not help, error is the same. if I work with less dimensions = less cells spashing works perfect.

    Does anyone has any idea, maybe Jedox can comment whether there is any limit beside what is set in the ini-file?

    Many thanks
  • if you are hitting the limit something is certainly wrong with your intentions ;)

    splashing on empty cube slices divides the value you entered evenly into all cells

    we use this approach (in planning):
    copy actual period(s) into the future period(s) ~~ COPY splashing
    -> you have far fewer cells where your new value gets divided

    THEN splash the desired value