ETL Client Batch Example

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    • ETL Client Batch Example


      I recieved a PM about ETL Client, so I'll try to give a simple example for the usage:

      Source Code

      1. @echo off
      2. cd "\Program Files (x86)\Jedox\Palo Suite\tomcat\client"
      3. echo ***
      4. echo global variables
      5. set SRV=http://localhost:7776/
      6. set DIR=C:\Palo-Server\Batch\
      7. set LLV=WARN
      8. set CLI=C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedox\Palo Suite\tomcat\client
      9. echo ***
      10. echo download project for backup
      11. set PRJ=Dashboard_Data
      12. call etlclient.bat -s %SRV% -g %PRJ% -o %DIR%%PRJ%.xml
      13. echo ***
      14. echo start ETL job
      15. set PRJ=Dashboard_Data
      16. set JOB=Build_Database
      17. call etlclient.bat -s %SRV% -p %PRJ% -j %JOB% -ll %LLV% -o %DIR%%PRJ%_%JOB%.log
      18. echo ***
      19. echo call other batch files
      20. call "%CLI%\Import_Data.bat"
      21. cd %DIR%
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      For a complete list of parameters refer to the ETL Server manual.
      Any ideas, how to improve the script?