huge logfile, small data-file

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  • huge logfile, small data-file

    I've created a cube and have imported some data (about 200.000 lines).
    The import was ok, I can view the data by using the Pate View function, but:

    my *cube.log file is about 186 MB.
    the * file is just 2kb.
    the *.cube.log.archived file is empty.

    When i open the data file with a normal editor, i just can see the dimensions.
    It's just a feeling , but i think the data has'nt been saved on disk yet, right?

    What have I done wrong ?

    Thanx for your help
    With regards
  • RE: huge logfile, small data-file

    You did nothing wrong. In order to keep data as redundant as possible Palo keeps logging every action. Once you restart the server all the log data will be committed in “live model” (.data file), the log (*.log file) itself will be truncated and its content will be added to archive (*.archive file).

    It will take some time to parse 186MB large log file so don’t be scared if after restart Palo server stays unavailable for a while(usually depends on the speed of your machine).
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

    Vladislav Malicevic
    VP Development & Support
    Jedox AG

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  • error in palodesigner.log

    Hi again,
    this is the error i receive in palodesigner.log, when palo is trying to commit changes.

    Any ideas ??

    With regards,


    Dienstag, 29. August 2006 10:35
    Commiting changes failed!

    Exception Data:
    Jedox.Palo.Comm.PaloException: connect() failed with error Es konnte keine Verbindung hergestellt werden, da der Zielcomputer die Verbindung verweigerte. (Error -31)
    at Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection.throwException(libpalo_err_struct err)
    at Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection..ctor(String hostname, String service, String username, String pw_hash)
    at Jedox.Palo.XlAddin.Connections.AddConnection(Int32 serverId, String hostName, String service, String userName, String password, String name)
    at Jedox.Palo.XlAddin.Connections.GetConnection(Int32 serverId, String hostName, String service, String userName, String password, String name)
    at Jedox.Palo.XlAddin.Connections.GetConnection(String name)
    at Jedox.Palo.XlAddin.Connect.OnBeginShutdown(Array& custom)