XML/A Connection to Palo from a BI Tool

      XML/A Connection to Palo from a BI Tool


      I am a developer of a BI tool. We have the ability to report of relational sources via JDBC and XML/A enabled sources.

      We have a client who is using Palo, and I am trying to see if we can connect directly to Palo using XML/A (without modifying our code).

      When connecting to MS Analysis Services we put in the following details:

      Connection Method: XMLA OLAP
      Database URL: localhost:882/olap/msmdpump.dll
      Data Source: Provider=MSOLAP.3;Data Source=localhost;Persist
      Secruity Info=False;Integrated Security=SSPI;
      Catalog: Adventure Works DW
      Username: Administrator
      Password: password

      When we connect to Mondrian we put in something like this:

      Connection Method: XMLA OLAP
      Database URL: localhost/mondrian/xmla
      Data Source: Provider=Mondrian;DataSource=MondrianFoodMart;
      Catalog: FoodMart

      Does Palo allow me to connect like this?
      My connection details so far look like this:

      Connection Method: XMLA OLAP
      Database URL:
      Data Source: Provider=Palo;Data Source=Courses;
      Catalog: AQ
      Username: admin
      Password: password

      I get an error saying the Datasource is invalid..

      Any ideas?


      did you check the new manual for third pary access to Palo? You have to consider as well, that only the Premium Edition gives you the full functionality of the XMLA driver.
      The default url should be localhost:4242/xmla - as far as I remember.


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      So you are trying to connect to Palo from Java with some kind of standard interface? Are you writing your own XMLA layer, or you are using some existing library for this? I can recommend OLAP4J - olap4j.org/ which tends to become standard and is nearing stable 1.0 version.

      You may want to try something like:

      Source Code

      1. http://<user>:<password>@localhost:4242/xmla

      whereas user and password are credentials for OLAP user.
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      Our product is a java webapp. We currently have a custom XMLA interface that connects generically to Mondrian, MSAS and SAP BW. I'm trying to determine if this code will connect to Palo as well. If Palo supports a standard XMLA protocol we should be able to connect.

      I have found out that the client runs Palo open source edition with the XMLA module on top.
      Would XMLA not work on the open source edition?