[GERMAN] Paloreport via url

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  • [GERMAN] Paloreport via url


    ich möchte einen Report, den ich in Palo Studio 3.2 über Datei-Manager oder Berichts-Manager erstellt habe über eine URL aufrufen. Die URL soll Anmeldeinformationen eines Users enthalten und der Report soll nicht im Studio sondern nur als reiner Report angezeigt werden.
    (Mit "Export als HTML" kann man keine aktuellen Berichte darstellen.)

    Ich besitze außerdem den Worksheetserver 2.0.

    Ich habe schon sehr viel ausprobiert, bin aber noch nicht auf die Lösung gekommen. Ich hoffe, dass mir hier jemand weiter helfen kann.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  • Hi tish1

    thanks for your promt reply.

    I found in Reports->Properties->link->sth like:

    if i log off from suite, and open this link.
    i get correctly that report i want to see. (with actual values)
    (but inside the suite)

    i found "First steps with Palo Web 3.2" i read it

    if i open the Report inside the Suite in "user-preview"-mode and
    then click "Print Preview"
    i get the pure html-report (like in wss) (seemingly outside the suite (except the session))
    the url of this report is sth like:

    The HTML-Export is (similar to PDF) static (no actual values) i think.

    the goal is to show the report-content without the
    wrapping suite-infrastructure
    inside a (e.g. old/mobile/simple) browser...
    like the old concept of worksheetserver 2.0
    e.g.: "http://localhost:85/folders/kd305016355/Risiko-Analyse/run.html"

    Please for comments, revise and hints.


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  • the old concept of worksheetserver 2.0 works
    good and seems to be the right way.

    Does someone know if there is a possibility to
    transfer the username an password in the get-variables?


    And does anybody knows if the exportet files in suite
    (export as file.wss)
    can be importet to the Worksheetserver 2.0?
    Worksheetserver excepts xml.
    Suite creates Html-Parts it seems.
  • Hi

    if i do

    I get the worksheet-server-report/appl (at second request).
    like described in post
    i have also the same problem like scorbett. i try to encrypt the pw.

    Does someone know how to convert a
    Palo-Suite-File (Risk.wss)
    to a Worksheetserver-Application? (Risk.xml)

    is it necessary? will it work? are there better ways?

    tish1 do YOU have any idea?
  • The Get-Parameter "_" of
    "http://localhost/ui/studio/?_=eJwljrEKAjEQRP9layVoeZ22Wl1rLJZk7xIMSdhNDo7D f3eDUz0ezDAHSOs%2BFpgO8LRgT20gUy3cZODKpVeYgFeuFzhBiMTILuzqwhC5eFLOV%2BWKLSh bY838n7DmThxdaGTN4zmrjxI%2F5XzLmHYh7WzIML3eWmYSSuT0wYJJ6Kv5AdTvNh4%3D&user=admin&pass=QOEbqbgLA5Kv1mM13Nt9NA%3D%3D"

    have infos like:
    Array ( [studio] => Array ( [default] => Array ( [reports] => Array ( [group] => rgrp1 [hierarchy] => h1 [node] => n8 [path] => //Reports/Berichte/KLR/Risiko-Analyse [var] => Array ( ) ) ) ) )

    it is similar to scorbetts test with the worksheetserver

    is there any GET-Variable to determine the outputmode

    Info: Tested Palo-Suite(Demo-Site) with an Android (Samsung Galaxy TAB)
    works very goog. Scrolling-haptic is much better than with Iphone.
    (see Attachment)