first steps

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  • first steps

    we make a palo test to introduce in our company
    after create new spreadsheet item in the file manager (admin user)
    we cant open the file
    we received a error message:
    applications error
    Unable to load workbook. Unable to find and open document that hyperlink points to
    that we can to do to solve the problem?
  • got this recently - very embarassing, in a presentation

    worked after fresh install, bombed on me two days later in the last test half hour before the presentation ...

    I just saw a SR1 of the demo version on the Jedox site. You might try this.

    I have deleted all traces (hopefully) of the demo from my machine. I am back to the community version 15. April 2010 with spreadsheet frontend only. This has never given me any nasty surprise.
  • Hi,

    I am facing the same Application Error for other users with read only access. I have Version: Please help me out to solve this. It is strange that Demo reports are working fine for users but our customized reports are not available to open in Report Manager although reports are published.