What is happening with OpenOffice extension/add-in?

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    • What is happening with OpenOffice extension/add-in?

      Good news: OpenOffice Calc Add-in is getting some love from JPalo.. released 2.1 version.

      Bad news: Its no longer free - comes with 30 day demo license - commercial licence only.

      All these bait and switch tactics with the "open source" moniker is gonna hurt Palo adoption.

      It would lessen the blow somewhat, if they at least offered the last free/community 2.0.3 version as a download! They point you to sourceforge.net where the only openoffice palo add-in I can find is version 1.1.

      Jedox offers 2.0.2 on their download page. But 2.0.3 is not available it seems! Is the version by Jedox the same as the version by JPalo?

      Is Jedox going to further develop the openoffice add-in apart from JPalo?

      Does is make sense that the Excel Add-In is free, but now the OpenOffice Calc Add-In is not??

      hmm.. not liking the direction of things here.
    • I fully agree with that ! (late post since I migrated from Windows to Linux and did not use to need the OOo add-in)

      would not be possible to fork the OOo addin (version 2.0.8, still open-source) and develop a further version ?

      I am in to contribute with non-technical elements (for instance, translation)

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc