Need to save scenarios

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  • Need to save scenarios

    Problem: A "master version" of a database and an accoding wss-file are published once a month by the "Big Boss". Several different Risk Analysts use it as a basis to test and discuss different scenarios and should be able to save personal versions including their modified data.

    In my understanding - as a Palo-Newbie - I see only one possibility:

    - "Master version" is provided by Big Boss
    - Risk Analyst opens the "Master version"-Spreadsheet, modifies data and exports it as Excel Snapshot
    - Further modifications / automatic calculations using rules etc. are not possible anymore

    Is this right? Is this the only possibility to achieve this goal or would it be possible to create new "instances" of a database on the fly - or something like that?

    An other and quite different solution that I am thinking of:
    Doing calculations and implementing rules in Palo is quite cool, so Database and rules are implemented in Palo, but Palo is mainly used as a rule Engine to make the calculations. All the other stuff (presentation, storing personal scenarios,...) is done within an external web application. Web application sends data to Palo using the API, returned results are included in the presentation.

    What do you think?
    -- cg11

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  • RE: Need to save scenarios

    Hi cg11,

    basically you could even solve this with an additional dimension which contains the analysts' names as elements. Every analyst could copy his own set of data from the "master" version to play with.

    This would give every team member full flexibility plus the chance to share his ideas with others. A proper access rights management could help to hide or display scenarios to others, and you could grant or revoke rights to see/modify scenarios.

    No screenshots or Excel versions, everything can remain in one database.

    Does that help?


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  • RE: Need to save scenarios

    Thank you Holger, I like your idea !

    Based on that idea, it would be nice if one could create a new dimension on the fly, e.g. a button "Copy all my data to a new scenario" which creates a new dimension and copies all data into it.

    What about using Palo as a rule engine? As far as I understand, it should be possible to send data to Palo trough the API and calculate the results without affecting the "master version", if I don't "publish" the data. Is this correct?

    Best regards,
  • RE: Need to save scenarios

    Hi Volker,

    "Copy all my data to a new scenario" can be done easily. You would switch to all the top level elements in all dimensions except for the versions dimension where you would select the target element. Type "copy <source_element>" into the cell - that's it. Or you would make a PALO.SETDATA() formula do the job for you on button click.

    The other thing is not yet quite clear to me - you think about setting up a complete web application and want Palo to do the calculations? This may be feasible, but it sounds like a lot of redundant work to do. What's the advantage of that?


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  • RE: Need to save scenarios

    Palo as a rule engine: I am not sure yet how flexible the final solution that my customer wants has to be, but it might be necessary - for example - to include dynamic data provided by a web service into the output or to present Palo Worksheet data in a more sophisticated way. Since the Palo web frontend seems to have certain limitations for adding individual logic, I suppose I have to develop my own frontend.

    Another scenario is, that an external application sends - to make an example - a money-value to a Palo worksheet / scenario and Palo returns a specifically calculated risk value back to the external application.