OO Calc on OS/X 10.6

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    • OO Calc on OS/X 10.6

      Hello together,

      I've just came across Palo and I'd like to check it out.
      Our clients are all Mac OS/X 10.6.
      I've installed the Palo Openoffice plugin (from the OO extension website) for my OpenOffice for Mac (current 3.3.0).
      The Palo menu shows up but the items are all greyed out.
      I've installed the MOLAP server on a (virtual) Win7 client on our server.
      I couldn't figure out a way yet to configure the OO Palo extension to access the Win7-MOLAP server. Is there a way or do I have to compile Palo for Mac myself and run it on my local machine?

      Thanks for you insights, Rado