ETL export generates jar files. Why?

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    • ETL export generates jar files. Why?

      Hello everyone,

      we have running a export fetching data out of the cube and writing it into aa ascii file. This export is running hourly.

      Every execution of the export generates a new axis...axis2-1.4.1.jar file in the users temp folder. In the long term the HDD is running out of space.

      The export is defined in exportBudget.txt.
      The hourly AT-job calls exportBudgets.txt whis uses etlclient_extJ6.txt (these two files have .bat extension in real life). etlclient_extJ6.txt is used because of WebETL is running with Java 6, the default JAva on the server is Java 1.5.

      Palo WebETL Version

      Any hints to avoid the continuos generation of these "temp" files?

      Thanks in advance