Consolidate elements : sum doesn't work.

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  • Consolidate elements : sum doesn't work.


    I've got a problem again (maybe my last ;) ). I've got an Excel sheet with 5000 lines, and one line with a consolidate element. Here is a "view" of my Excel sheet :

    __________|| _2001 || 2002 || 2003 ....
    _All sellers ||#####||#####||#####
    seller 00001 || 10000 || 18952 || 15446
    seller 00002 || 11100 || 12562 || 14364
    seller 00003 || 08912 || 08154 || 10545
    seller 00004 || 21614 || 19985 || 20345
    seller 04800 || 23453 || 22123 || 25789

    Why the consolidate values are not calculated?
    (I think it comes from the modelisation because with others databases, it works).

  • I use this thread to ask another question :

    With PasteView

    When I try to paste a big table (4000 lines, 84 columns, cells contains numbers like "25 000"), Palo can't display it. With and without consolidate elements.

    When I want to paste the view, there is a question message :

    The selected view contains more than 10000 cells. Do you want to restrict the view to 119 rows? (recommended)

    => Yes / No

    Sometines, it is 109 or more... When I choose "No" Excel crashes.

    Questions :
    1) How is calculated the number "119"? Is it in relation with memory (RAM)?
    2) Why, when I chose "No" (=I do not want to restrict the view) do Excel crash? Is it again in relation with hardware?
    3) Is there a solution to display all data?? I want, for example, to know the sales of my 4000 commercials per month, during the last 7 years (12 months * 7 years = 84 columns)... is it possible?

  • Hi!
    Crash is definitely not a desired thing. What exactly do you mean by crash?

    Generating large views can take time … that’s why we check if a fairly large amount of cells with Palo formula is displayed before we generate the view. This is why you see that message. The number 119 is a calculated from 10 000 / number of columns, or if it is easier:
    119 * number of columns = < 10000.
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

    Vladislav Malicevic
    VP Development & Support
    Jedox AG
  • OK, I understand for the number.
    The crash is :
    Just after clicking on "Paste", I wait, at a moment (quick) the message upper with the question of displaying all cells or not.
    I choose NO (=all cells), and just here : Freeze... 10 minutes later, a message from Excel appears (translated from French):

    Microsoft Office Excel encountered a problem and has to be closed. Please apologize us for the trouble

    This message contains two buttons with "Send the error rapport" and "do not send" (again translated from French).

    After that, Excel is closed.