Palo Analyzer with Pentaho/Mondrian

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    • Palo Analyzer with Pentaho/Mondrian

      Hello - is it possible to use the Palo Analyzer web client with a Pentaho (Mondrian) OLAP server?

      I have tried to follow instructions here…ct-Palo-Pivot-to-Mondrian
      and here…xmla-palo-pivot-palo-olap
      but without success. In particular, where it says to set the connection type to XMLA, the only option that is available in the dropdown list is Palo.

      I'm suspecting that Palo Pivot allows this, but Palo Analyzer does not. Can someone confirm this?

      Thank you,
    • RE: Palo Analyzer with Pentaho/Mondrian

      Following up on my own comment ...

      Once the connection type has been changed to Palo, there is no obvious way to change it. However, some of the default connections that are supplied with the original installation have the connection type pre-set to blank. I think the Mondrian connection was this way - unfortunately, while I was trying to get that one to work, I changed the connection type to Palo and then couldn't change it back.

      But, as a workaround, I used one of the other connections - the "SAP BW" connection - pointed it to my Mondrian XMLA URL, left the connection type blank, and then it worked.

      Now, if it would only support multiple hierarchies, my client would be happy.