calculate averages in nodes

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    • calculate averages in nodes

      I need to calculate the averages within each level, level by level.

      For example:

      Node VALUE

      ALL ELEMENTS 22.5

      A. 20

      A.1. 30 (base element)

      A.2. 10 (base element)

      A.3. 20

      A.3.1 20 (base element)

      B. 25

      B.1. 40 (base element)

      B.2. 10

      B.2.1 10 (base element)

      I got 34 instead of 22.5, please give advice how to create a rule to solve my problem, if a have one level its ok, but no when i have more than one level.

      Ing. Gary Rivas
      [ Palo User @Ecuador ]