Problem with Palo Rule

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    • Problem with Palo Rule


      I have a Problem with a Rule in Palo.

      First my Dimensions:

      Elements: KST1,KST2,KST3
      Attrib: Plan_Mitarbeiter_Fest,Kostengruppe

      Elements: Kostengruppe1,Kostengruppe2,Kostengruppe3
      Attrib: Monatsgehalt_MA_Fest

      Elements: Personalkosten, .......

      Now I want to calculat the cost for the workers. So I want to compare attribute "Kostengruppe" from Kostenstellen with the Elements of dimension Mitarbeiter. In attribute "Kostengruppe" there are for each Element an entry with the name of the group. For Example KST1 - Kostengruppe2.

      If the condition is true I want to calculate the attribute "Plan_Mitarbeiter_Fest" * attribute "Monatsgehalt_MA_Fest" from the group which is the right for each Element of dimension "Kostenstellen".

      Now I constructed the following Rule:

      ['Personalaufwand'] = IF(EQ(PALO.DATA("Stammdaten", "#_Kostenstellen", "Kostengruppe", !'Kostenstellen'), PALO.DATA("Stammdaten", "#_Mitarbeiter", !'#_Mitarbeiter_', "Kostengruppe1")), PALO.DATA("Stammdaten", "#_Mitarbeiter", "Festangestellt_Monatsgehalt", "Kostengruppe1") * PALO.DATA("Stammdaten", "#_Kostenstellen", "Kostengruppe", !'Kostenstellen'), 0)

      I think the Problem is that the if/eq condition doesn´t work.

      I hope you can help me! Thank you