Palo c Library Bindings for Pascal

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    • RE: Palo c Library Bindings for Pascal

      Originally posted by Modzho
      Palo c Library Bindings for Pascal
      This package is a Pascal language translation of the Palo library header files (*.h) (Palo version 3.1)

      Hello Modzho,
      Very interesting post! I personally didn't give it a spin, but if Palo community finds this useful, we could add this to user contributed content within Palo project.

      Did you develop any applications on top of this?
      Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

      Vladislav Malicevic
      VP Development & Support
      Jedox AG
    • Hello!
      That would be great, if you add this to user contributed content. Maybe someone finds this useful, especially those who develop with Lazarus IDE (FPC). Maybe one day someone could write Palo database components for Lazarus.

      Yes, I develop budgeting application. My aim is lightweight Palo client application. Now work on it is in very early stage. I newer used Pascal before, but I learned Pascal and translated this headers in 3 weeks. I think Lazarus is very good free visual programming environment.

      PALO server is good MOLAP database and perfectly fits my needs.

      Reason to develop client application with Lazarus/Free Pascal is -
      # Palo Excel addin does not fit my needs, database users will not learn how to use addin. So if elements in dimensions changes (and changes is very often), I must change all used Excel tables myself.
      # Palo Suite web sheets - for our data is very slow (v3.1 used), and problem with element changes remains.
      # I will not install Excel addin on every remote PC that uses database.
      # Because it is free (I have no budget for commercial IDE e.g. Visual Studio .NET)
      # Pascal is easy to learn good programming language.
      # It is cross-platform.
      # And IDE is awesome.

      Now I am trying to figure out, what controls can best fit my needs TDataset or VirtualTreeview or some other control (I am new to Delphi/Lazarus/Pascal).

      So I will try to do my best.

      Pardon my French, English is not my native language.
    • At the beginning when I plan to use Web sheets I see that this is last community version with Report Manager.
      Without Report Manager Web sheets work almost like Excel add-in do. Only big difference is browser usage instead MS Excel.
      I make some patches myself (*.js files), to fix some bugs and add some features.
      # In SelectionWizard bugfix (don't remember now all this stuff, but think there was empty panel where data must be present somewhere at Variable Mapping and Template Mapping)
      # In propertiesWindow, groupListView, autoScroll:true
      # Enabled and tested freeze panes, then disabled.

      Then I figured out that Web Sheets with large data is slow (I know this is not Palo problem, but JSON) and lack of easy adding new elements to sheet. Then I revert to Excel add-in, because much better performance.
      Problem with element adding remained. But I was out of time, database users needed database for data right now, and I designed rapidly sheets with Excel VBA.

      At that time database was designed to work with this version 3.1. And I stick with it. In near future I don't plan to switch to new version. Because - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
      I have all functions I need for client application in this version of Palo.

      All documentation for server that I wrote myself I have for this version, and I have no time to mess with it again.

      P. S.
      Edit: Here once was some text. At that time I was overworked.

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    • 2 units:

      1. palocomm.pas
      PaloConnection class
      (main class to use for communication with the Palo server)

      2. commhelper.pas
      CommHelperBasic class
      - GetDimElementInfoTreeList: TList…

      In Lazarus KGrid 1.7 is best controls to use with Palo.

      :!: Edit:
      A better approach is to use Palo Web API in the similar way as Python Palo Interface .

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    • HIGH-Zen wrote:

      Palo Web API was VERY slow so I soon reverted back to Palo C/Pascal API.
      Now it works lightning fast.

      Palo 3.1 Pascal SDK 2013
      Updated 29.12.2013

      And take a look at these real-life Palo OLAP apps .

      Thanks for doing this. Good work. However, it would be great if you would use up to date OLAP and client libraries (both are open source GPL/LGPL):

      Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

      Vladislav Malicevic
      VP Development & Support
      Jedox AG