Top 10 not possible for large dimensions?

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  • Top 10 not possible for large dimensions?

    I' m trying to get the top 10 clients by turnover from my cube.

    I use the subset editor from the Excel Plugin.
    With the Demo it works fine and quick, but with my cube ( 25 dimensions and about 13.000 base elements in the client dimension) Excel freeze - and does nothing for hours. I think palo crashed (I can do nothing until restart)
    I used no wildcards, only the top element of each dimension except years I used 2010.

    In the subset I chose:
    Clients + 1 Alias, only base elements, no duplicates, top 10, sort by value DESC

    Is Palo not the correct tool for such report - or I am doing something wrong?

    my ini:
    verbose debug
    splash-limit 1000 500 100
    goalseek-limit 1000
    goalseek-timeout 10000
    cache-size 0
    cache-barrier 15000
    clear-cache-cells 10000
  • RE: Top 10 not possible for large dimensions?


    I had the same need with a similar cardinality in production environment, same behavior with the Community Edition ;(
    Maybe the Premium Ed can perform this calculation by leveraging multicore and NVidia olap accelarator, but I'm stuck with this (as a workaround, I opted for ordering the results in Excel, but for sure I'd like to do it in Palo!!).