ERROR: Backend is unavailable

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  • ERROR: Backend is unavailable

    Dear all,

    I am working with the the community version 3.1 on win7x64

    I have been creating a model for work that I presented this morning as I am trying to sell PALO to the company to work with.
    I wanted to re-show the end of the presentation that was about the worksheet server (dashboard, pivots, etc) to a collegue who missed the end of the presentation.

    When I log in the web UI I have the following message : "Error: Backend is unavailable!"
    Hopefully, the presentation was already over.

    Do you have an idea where it could come from.
    I have the following httpd log below, I emptied the cache, it did not work, I used another browser, it did not work too. I also reboot the PC, it did not help.

    [Mon Jun 20 14:03:59 2011] [notice] Apache/2.2.15 (Win32) configured -- resuming normal operations
    [Mon Jun 20 14:03:59 2011] [notice] Server built: Mar 4 2010 11:27:46
    [Mon Jun 20 14:03:59 2011] [notice] Parent: Created child process 996
    [Mon Jun 20 14:04:02 2011] [notice] Child 996: Child process is running
    [Mon Jun 20 14:04:02 2011] [notice] Child 996: Acquired the start mutex.
    [Mon Jun 20 14:04:02 2011] [notice] Child 996: Starting 128 worker threads.
    [Mon Jun 20 14:04:02 2011] [notice] Child 996: Starting thread to listen on port 8081.
    [Mon Jun 20 14:08:37 2011] [error] (OS 10061)Aucune connexion n’a pu être établie car l’ordinateur cible l’a expressément refusée. : proxy: AJP: attempt to connect to ( failed
    [Mon Jun 20 14:08:37 2011] [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for (
    [Mon Jun 20 14:08:37 2011] [error] proxy: AJP: failed to make connection to backend:

    Many thanks,

    Best regards / Cordialement / Mit Freundliche Grüßen

    Gérald Meunier