Cube Formulas - way around?

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  • Cube Formulas - way around?


    looking at the Roadmap, PALO will have Cube Formulas with Release 2.0 in 1st quarter(?) next year. From now on still a long time to wait.

    I am wondering if there is a clever way around.

    1. Element weights?
    Good for easy calculations with a fixed factor. But not flexible enought.

    2. Setdata?
    Good and easy to use for small cubs with little data.
    But to avoid inconsistent data, the Setdata must always be active and linked to the data entry sheet. Or there must be done from time to time a complete recalculation for all push formulas in the cube.

    3. Small Toll running in backround?
    Ideal would be a small tool (VBA, .NET, ...) running in the backround
    - on the server or
    - at the client
    which could "simulate" Cube formulas.
    May be identifiying data changes and run Setdata only for the related
    elements. That would keep the data cube consistend.

    Is there already something like this existing? Or are ther any other ideas to create formula based calculations in PALO?

  • RE: Cube Formulas - way around?

    The tool running in the background you refer to sounds like the supervision server which should be available in version 1.5
    If the supervision server is like the push rule server in MIS Alea then you should be able to create triggers in cubes and if a value changes your code fires and performs the action you specified.

    Eg Revenue = price X volume

    In this case you would create a trigger on the price and volume elements and if either of them change you would have the supervision server write then new entry into the cube.

    Using an approach like this is fine, but does have some problems.
    1) It leads to more values being stored in cubes (potential database explosion type problem)
    2) You can have problems when you have triggers on a consolidated element. Eg if you splash on an element in a hierarchy in which the above c element is involved the push rule will trigger many many times (once per each n level element changed)... However what you really want is the rule to only fire once when the splash is complete). You can't really overcome such a problem in the code, since you have no way of knowing when the splash will complete and therefore you loose time having the code continually invoked and writing potentially thousands of values to the cube when you only want one value to be sent. Therefore there should really be an event such as "onSplashCompletion" available for such scenerios.