Rule for two-way calculations

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    • Rule for two-way calculations


      I have a problem. I don't know how to make a rule(s) for this situation:

      I have the cube 'Sales' with 3 dimensions in it:

      1. Products
      2. Customer
      3. SalesMeasure

      The problem is in 3rd dimension.

      It consist of 3 elements:

      straight direction formula is 'amount'='unts'*'price'
      backward direction formula is 'units'='amount'/'price'

      So I'm holding only 'price' and want to play "what-if" with the rest elements in any direction i want.

      When i write this two rules on 'Sales' cube i've got rubbish.

      I've done this trick with Cognos EP

      How could i do this in Palo 3.2+

    • RE: Rule for two-way calculations

      at least in 3.1 CE what you say it's not possible, you would cause a kind of "circular reference" between Units and Price.
      I've read that other products can perform this, but in Palo this is not allowed directly (maybe someone can suggest a workaround),
    • RE: Rule for two-way calculations

      Hi nikita,

      One work around would be to create two additional elements in the SalesMeasure dimension:
      - calculated unit
      - calculated amount

      If you had rules similar to the following this will give you some level of what-if analysis.

      Source Code

      1. ['calculated amount'] = N:['unit'] * ['price']
      2. ['calculated unit'] = N:['amount'] / ['price']
      Hope this helps.


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