commiting changes

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    • commiting changes

      good day!

      how to commit changes made in cube correctly? I'm running process which loads data into the cube, i could see them in corresponding .cube.log and via Excel f.e. ... but as i understand, data loaded resides in memory an corresponding file is not affected. I've tried both


      to commit changes to the FS, but the only way to make it as i see - to use 'Save Database' menu item in Palo Service Manager UI (after that i see log files cleaned and data files growing)... that's not a good option for me :)

      please answer - should methods mentioned cause the same behavior? Or - are there any other reliable methods?

    • RE: commiting changes

      hi axel,

      I do not quite understand what your problem is, but in our application any changes, e.g. of a cell value, are directly passed to the palo server. When the application is closing we simply disconnect from the server. Maybe you should try the Cube#commitLog() method? However, we do not use it.


    • RE: commiting changes

      There is no problem - i do understand that changes are going into cube directly and you can see them immediately. But changes made are in memory and in .cube.log files, not in files; so in case of server failure you'll need to wait while they will be rolled up... i've just wanted to make process of snap cube changes to disk more predictable :) Thanks, i've missed Cube::commitLog method - it does exactly i have wanted...