32-bit ODBC driver on 64-bit Win2008R2

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    • 32-bit ODBC driver on 64-bit Win2008R2

      when trying to connect in ETL Server 3.2 to an ODBC data yource, I get the the error message "der angegebene dsn weist eine nicht übereinstimmende architektur von treiber und anwendung auf". Any access via e.g. Excel using this ODBC works fine.

      I learnt from different threads, that I should use Tomcat6 and Java in a 32 bit Version. I´ve download the current Palo Suite 3.2 SR3 where I can´t detect any chance to switch to a 32.bit Installation.

      How do I get the installation files for a 32-bit version of Tomcat for PALO?

      Thanks for any advice.

    • Tomcat is a Java program.
      AFAIK Tomcat (6?) was/is always bundled with Palo "Suite". I gave up trying to get the latest Tomcat instead of the bundled one working.
      The only thing you should try is getting hold of a 32bit JRE and get Palo's Tomcat to use this. Could be a little fine tuning of paths if you have 32bit and 64bit JRE installed.