ETL-Problem with Attribut

      ETL-Problem with Attribut


      I'm a new palo user and have a nice project with palo.

      Now i have me first problem with the ETL-Manager. I had create a transformation from the type TreeFH, but my settings for the attribut will always change from reference to constant.

      I had a relational extract, who use a oracle data-source to select three field with id’s an three with names:

      • Name of class of goods
      • ID of class of goods
      • Name of class of articel
      • ID of class of articel
      • Name of articel
      • ID of articel

      My TreeFH Transform has this extract as source and the following inputs

      Input: ID of class of goods Attribut: Name of class of goods

      Input: ID of class of articel Attribut: Name of class of articel

      Input: ID of arcticel Attribut: Name of articel

      I configure all the attributs as references, but after i save the transforms it will be changed to constant! :cursing:

      Can me anybody explain why or is this a bug?

      Thanks a lot

      Hi Simon,

      3 questions:
      1/ Which version of Palo do you use ?
      2/ What is the O/S on which you run Palo ?
      3/ Can you post the xml file of your ETL project so that we can see whether we can reproduce your problem

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
      I have a good Update! :D

      I had change the settings in the xml-file and upload it, now it works!

      <attribute name="Name" type="text">
      <input constant= -> <input nameref=

      But if i change the settings again in the gui, it will be failed! :(

      I'm sure this is a gui-problem!