#Value Error when importing Data

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  • #Value Error when importing Data

    Hi there,

    I am fairly new to PALO and am currently trying to import some data via a .txt or .csv file into the datacube.

    I have tried setting up my own datacube and upload some data, but I always get the #value? error notification for my PALO.SETDATA function.
    Just to make sure that I am doing everything right, I tried to upload some data into the testcube with the testimport file and still get the same error message. When I click on PALO Error I get the message:
    "Exception: An Excel error has been passed as an argument"

    I have absolutely no idea, what that means or what I am doing wrong. Could anybody please help me?
  • Try it like this

    Hi Lisa,

    look into your setdata function maybe the value is not really linked.

    normally the formal is =palo.setdata(value;...) delete value and link it with the cell/value you wanted to be uploaded.

    If this is not the problem, like laloune wrotepaste a sheet or the function that we can help you.