Palo 3.2 Community Edition

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  • I'm actually quite pleased that the Jedox Base will be free and just as up-to-date as Jedox Premium, and that there will be no user restrictions. Quite a good deal, really. And maintaining the server as an open-source product means that it can still foster a community of products that use the server.

    I can do a lot with the spreadsheet alone, and I'm excited to find what I can do with the Jedox for Excel (i.e. Jedox Base) features that were lacking in Palo for Excel Community Edition. I hope the splash manager/wizard works.

    Exciting news!
  • Details of Jedox Base

    These are interesting news. But I'm not sure what this means in detail.

    "Beginning with Version 5, this will change, as OLAP Server source code becomes available as an Open Source license on SourceForge."
    Does this mean that the OLAP server of Jedox Base will support all features, especially Multi Processor Support?

    "[...] the Base version of Jedox will contain an Excel client, also free of charge."
    Does this mean that the Excel client of Jedox Base will have all the features that Palo for Excel CE has?

    "Jedox Premium differs from Jedox Base by providing extended capabilities like [...], user access control, [...]."
    Does this mean that it won't be possible in Jedox Base to configure user rights in the SYSTEM database (#_USER, #_GROUP, ...) and in user databases (#_GROUP_CUBE_DATA, #_GROUP_DIMENSION_DATA_<Dimension>)? Or will only the single sign on features be missing in Jedox Base?

    Would it be possible to deliver insight into this before 8 April? Thank you very much in advance.