Palo 3.2 Community Edition

    Palo 3.2 Community Edition

    Dear Palo Community,
    we are pleased to announce that Palo 3.2 Community Edition binaries will be available for download from our servers at starting Monday, August 8th 2011 12:00 CET. The first 10 users who download, install and run Palo for Excel 3.2 Community Edition or Palo Suite 3.2 Community Edition, will get a free ticket for Palo Open 2011 (worth 399EUR).

    Palo 3.2 Community Edition It is the latest and the best Palo Community Version to date. For full list of enhancements please have a look at What's new document.

    For those of you who prefer building Palo from source, we will also be updating source code hosted on

    Thank you for using and supporting Palo.

    Happy Palo-ing!
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

    Vladislav Malicevic
    VP Development & Support
    Jedox AG
    Hi bapajan,
    this depends on what you will use to access the OLAP Server. The http-API is accessible; you could also use Palo Web in the device's browser.
    Regarding the specialized apps:
    - the iPad and iPhone apps do not work with the community edition
    - the android widget should work with it

    Installer for Palo OLAP Server 3.2 CE only

    I can't find an installer of Palo OLAP Server 3.2 Community Edition that works on a Windows server without MS Excel installed.
    The installer that I have downloaded complains that MS Excel is not installed.
    Will such an installer be available?

    Best regards
    Thank you, that worked for me.

    Are all issues fixed in Palo OLAP Server 3.2 Community Edition that are fixed in Palo OLAP Server 3.2 Premium Edition?

    In version 3.2 Premium Edition the bugs #5522 and #6886 are fixed:

    But in version 3.2 Community Edition the bugs #5522 and #6886 are not fixed. I have tested both.

    Is Palo OLAP Server 3.2 Community Edition not equivalent to Palo OLAP Server 3.2 Premium Edition with regard to known issues?

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    Palo Community : Excel for multi-users


    I am an experienced Palo Excel user in a standalone environment. I now have Palo 3.2 Community ; Palo Excel, ETL, Web and am looking to implement Palo Excel (poss Palo Web) across 2-3 extra users. The extra users would be using the Cubes I have developed and we would shared them on a network drive

    Can I achieve this with the Community edition?. It seems from the manuals that I need the Premium edition using OLAP server to this.


    Palo Community edition

    Hi all!

    I'm new in the Palo forum, but I'm using Palo excel (for testing) since last year.
    Now I would like to install the Palo Suite (community edition) before to buy the premiuim one, but I cannot find!!! May be I'm stupid X( but the link I found here, simply go to the download page for the premium CE!!!

    Please, can anyone help me to download the CE of Palo? Links, site or anything else
    Be patient, please !!! :D

    Thanks and, have a good time!

    Palo 3.2 CE - "Service Manager Icon" not working after installation (Win 7)

    After installing new download of Palo 3.2 CE, i find the Service Manager icon (stop, start, save) fails to show in control panel. In Win 7, this problem began in 3.1 but the icon was at least visible in 3.1 (but failed to save dbase). In 3.2 icon refuses to show.

    Opening control panel, icon "Manager.exe" is visible but reports "service is not active" - so icon will not show. Opening "Services" (see attached) indicates that Palo 3.1 is "started". But no mention of Palo 3.2 which was installed after 3.1 was removed.

    Can any one explain why 3.1 is still showing as "started" (after being uninstalled) and why 3.2 is not active/visible?
    • Services window (Win 7) after installing Palo 3.2 CE..GIF

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    Palo Service Manager - Icon missing when Palo 3.1 re-installed (following problems in 3.2).

    Suspecting the loss of service manager icon (in 3.2) maybe related to corrupedt unistallation of 3.1, I have uninstalled 3.2 and re-installed 3.1. But now 3.1 also fails to load icon.

    Previously the 3.1 service manager (stop,start,save) did not work properly in Win 7 (as known by Jedox). But at least the icon was visible. Now the control panel noticiation items reports "notification icon is not currently active" even though it now reports PaloServiceServices is "active" as attached.

    None of these issues seem to relate to Win XP (only Win 7).

    Does this icon failure make sense to anyone?
    • Palo 3.1 Service Manager Icon.GIF

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    Dear Forum

    I've had no reply to my issue about Palo Service Manager (Stop, Start, Save) Icon bug on Win 7 (64 bit) laptops.

    I've previously installed 3.1 CE on two Win 7 (64 bit) laptops. Under Palo 3.1 the service manager icon is visible but fails to function properly i.e. it fails to stop or save dbase. Jedox report this problem was fixed in 3.2 CE.

    So i was surpised to find that when when install 3.2 CE (on both PCs) the service manager icon fails to show up altogether - even after . uninstalling and re-installing 3 times.

    Question 1: Is this 'bug' related to the previous 3.1 installation - and somehow carried over into the 3.2 installation - or is the service manager bug still not fixed in 3.2 CE on Win 7 (64 bit) machines?

    Also, I note something odd when I look at window "Services". The Palo 3.2 CE installation shows up as "Palo 3.1" in the Services window.

    Question 2: Has Jedox fogotten to rename the 3.2 Services or have they accidently uploaded the old 3.1 file on their download site?

    I can live without the (lovely) icon, of course. But I'm not sure how to save active session data manually - other than shutting down PC.

    Question 3: Does manually stop/starting Palo in Services window also save the active session data to the hard-drive?

    Regards - John ?(

    Q1) I don't think that the issue is related to a previous installation of 3.1. I had the problem on "virgin" servers as well.
    Q2a) No, they didn't. Palo Molap Server in Community Edition 3.2 is more or less 3.1 Premium Edition (incl. SRs).
    Q2b) It's also possible, that you didn't reboot you computer between uninstalling 3.1 and setting up 3.2 therefor the "old" service might have been left in the registry.
    Q3) Yes. Starting and stopping the services through command line or the Service Manager saves data from RAM to HDD. You can check that in your server log.

    BTW. it's also possible to configure autosave through palo.ini - check documentation


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