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  • Network Application

    Hi everybody,

    I am developping an Excel/PALO application for about 10 persons (working in Local Area Network).
    What happens if 2 or more persons write at the same time in the same cube? I tried it at home: there is a problem!

    Thanks for your answers and excuse me for my poor english!

    Friendly yours

  • Network Application

    Thanks Axi

    "the last one writing data wins..." --> that's what I noticed trying it at home. It's a great problem, don't you think so?

    "you should redesign your data model from more than one node" --> I created a dimension which is just an identification with autoincrement number (and some attributes). When the user opens the vba userform, the program reads the last number in my dimension, adds 1 and writes it in a label and then I use PALO.EADD to create the new number in the dimension.
    How can I redesign such a dimension?

    Friendly yours,

  • the last one wins - that's how it works...
    What should happen in your opinion?

    I left out a NOT in my second sentence - don't redesign from diffrent node (working with hierarchies or even recreate the cube)

    What you do with you VBA should be OK technically.
    What is the purpose of this?