Tutorial for Palo Suite 3.2 setup on Debian online

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  • Tutorial for Palo Suite 3.2 setup on Debian online

    Hi folks,

    due to a recent Palo installation I've deployed on a Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 "Squeeze" system I thought it would be a nice touch to publish a clean tutorial how to setup and customize Palo Suite on a Linux box. I've published the how-to at asconix.com/howtos/debian/palo-suite-debian-howto It's in German but I hope it's self-explaining. If not throw it into Google Translate ;) Feedback and is always welcome!

  • correct writeup - thank you

    especially the shared memory gave me some head scratches when I wrote my Debian setup

    But it makes me sad to start this great software in such a "un-Linux" way Jedox chose to give us

    I am pondering to package the components in a Debian way to adhere to LSB and NOT to run as root

    The very hard part will be packaging the Tomcat parts. Me thinks the configuration as is is also _very_ lenient in terms of security

    deb-sourcing can also be tricky:
    for the Palo engine there is a dependency on a recent Boost which is a great problem for the RedHat 5.x installations
    for the Java part my knowledge in building the parts is zero

    and THEN the big challenge is the pityful state of the LibreOffice plugin: the JPalo folks decided to close source the component again so we have to fork the 2.03 edition and work from there. The bugs there are more cosmetic and UI-related (but again another toolchain than the ETL-Server components) and I failed miserably building a 64 Bit component which could be a salvation for _all_ 3- year old Linux systems and OSX users.

    Any volunteers?