Problem setting up rule

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  • Problem setting up rule

    I am having problems setting up rules to calculate based on the balance of a base element.

    Basically what I want to do is include a base element in a calculated element depending on the value of the base element, i.e. if negative use for one calculated element, if positive use for another. My base values are monthly movement.

    I can seem to get it working for the calculated element but when this then consolidates up for year to date balances it includes all movements.


    Account 123 movements Jan 100, Feb -200, Mar +100

    Calculated Account 123Pos with a rule ['123Pos'] = IF(['123']>0,['123'],0) shows JanYTD 100, FebYTD 0, MarYTD 0 - CORRECT

    Calculated Account 123Neg with a rule ['123Neg'] = IF(['123']<0,['123'],0) shows JanYTD 0, FebYTD -100, MarYTD 0 - CORRECT

    However, 123Pos Consolidates into POS and shows JanYTD 100, FebYTD 100, MarYTD 200 and 123Neg Consolidates into NEG and shows JanYTD 0, FebYTD -200, MarYTD -200 which is INCORRECT!!

    Can someone please suggest how I can get this to consolidate correctly.
  • Quite a few views, no suggestions yet?

    This is quite a common approach in accounting such as for bank accounts being in Current Assets as 'Cash at Bank' if in credit but in Current Liabilities as 'Bank Overdrafts' of overdrawn, so it would be good to get a solution.