Characters in element names

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  • element name


    I also have problems with long element names with french accents; has somebody understood the rules that must be followed ? I do not find anything in the palo manual.

    The java palo api works well to allow creation from my file and the java client shows the names OK, l but paste view cannot show some of the element names in EXCEL, neither on rows, pages or columns.
  • RE: element name

    Hello L.Jaouan,

    The list of valid characters will be in the upcoming version of the Palo manual.

    Allowed in element/database/dimension/cube names:

    The element names are not allowed to begin/end with a blank and contain
    chars with character code < 32, like TAB, Return etc..

    Name of databases/dimensions/cubes are not allowed to begin with a dot (".").

    Names of dimensions and cubes are not allowed to contain:
    \ / ? * : | < > and blanks