Old elements are loaded when new elements are loaded

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  • Old elements are loaded when new elements are loaded

    Hi! I need help!!

    On my first try, I imported elements and the parent to Palo.
    After playing with it, I understood how to do the execl loader to import elements and its heirarchy.
    I then uninstalled PALO.
    Deleted the Jedox folder on my documents
    Deleted the Palo folder on my Program files

    I re-installed PALO.
    When I created the new database and created the dimension and imported the elements, I found my old dimension elements in the Database!!!

    Not all elements were there, only a few.
    I have attached a powerpoint with all screen captures.
    Why does it do that?
  • RE: Old elements are loaded when new elements are loaded

    Yes I am sure.
    Even after I have uninstalled, deleted directories, the old data keeps coming up after I import data.
    I found a way to fix it.

    I was importing one dimension at a time.
    When I import a dimension with lots of elements, it somehow affects the other elements by deleting all its elements but leaving the last element behind.

    I found the way to do it is to import all dimension at one go.
    I created a table that loads all dimensions.

    The last dimension loaded seem to lose data but still leaving the last element behind.
    So I sequenced the dimension loading to load the dimension with the least elements last. Then, I manually enter the last dimension again.

    This happens on dimensions with many elements.

    I have documented this with screen captures.
    I you want it, please email me your address.