Conditional formatting buggy

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  • Conditional formatting buggy


    is it just me, or does the Conditional Formatting thingy work in Palo Web only occasionally?
    • when editing some formatting by formula, then the edited formula is seldom the one which was selected
    • the ordering of the formatting rules gets mixed up often, which is unfortunate, as the ordering is crucial for correctness of the evaluation (first matching formula wins)
    • the rule window is not stretchable, i.e. it is impossible to see all formulas at once as soon as anything nontrivial is entered.

    Cheers Tuomo

    P.S. Is there any place where the formatting rules can be edited in some more convenient and less error prone way, some xml file maybe?
  • I encounter also to an unexplainable behaviour: I want to fill cells red, when they contain the word 'Non' and configured a conditional formatting rule as:

    Specific Text -- contains -- =Non (the = sign was added automatically by Palo Web).

    Result: Parsing error, no information what or why it is wrong. I think, this could happen, when the 'Non'-String isn't located at first positionof the whole cell-content, but somewhere inside of it. If I type into an emtpy cell Non, it works. But "contains" <> equal, so this should be fixed urgently. It is the major function to create dashboards with an traffic light logic and makes Jedox Palo NOT to be an Corporate Performance Management Tool...

    Does anybody know more exact how these conditional formatting formulas work or which combinations are buggy? Any other idea how to create traffic light views (based on a attribut of a dimension element)?

    Every hint is highly appreciated...

    Best regards,