Paste Subset Cached?

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  • Paste Subset Cached?


    I've come across a strange issue when using dynamic subsets. I've got a basic resource allocation model where people are mapped to engagements with a daily rate. This is stored in a lookup cube (resource_project_rate_lookup) which has just the 3 dimensions (resource, engagement, measures). The subset pulls base level resources using the hierarchy filter, looks up the selected engagement on the sheet and checks the Target Price Point (TPP) measure for a value > 0. The preview window shows the correct values always, but when I hit paste, I get the correct values with the appropriate TPP but then also some legacy users that seem to be related to all projects but have no TPP associated. One of the users returned has even been deleted from the dimension but is still returned!

    I've tried clearing the database out of all data and updated the dimensions to reflect the latest resources available multiple times, restarting the server and even deleting the data folder and restarting.

    But I always get the same incorrect names returned with blank TPPs plus the correct ones.

    Is there a cache involved somewhere in the mix? If so how do I clear everything.

    If more detail/screenshots required then IM me with your details and I will send some through. I'm using 3.2 CE

    Jedox Support, it would be good to get a bit more background knowledge as to how subsets are stored and what their lifecycle is.

    Thanks in advance