Cube lookup based on a range rather a single key

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    • Cube lookup based on a range rather a single key

      Hello together,
      I'm trying hardly to build a lookup, which retrieves a category value out of a cube to maintaine these categories into a main cube.
      BUT: I don't provide a key value like 98.00 = Category C, 99.00 = Category B and 100.00 = Category A, moreover it should work like this:
      0 ... 98.00 = Category C,
      98.01 ... 99.00 = Category B
      and 99.01 ... 100.00 = Category A

      If I write a rule, I would refer to the value key like ...,!'Value',... resp. ...,"99.00",... which equals in fact a =, but I need something like,DB,!'Dim1',!'Dim2',range(98.01..99.00),!'Dim4') or,DB,!'Dim1',!'Dim2',!'Dim3' between "98.01" and "99.00",!'Dim4')

      I know, that rule functions like this don't exist, but did somebody solve a similar problem without a large number of nested IF()-Statements?
      Maybe concerning a versioning need like >=Date1 and <Date2 or similar?
      I could do the nested if()-solution, but I have 200 of such categories.
      The typing of the rule might be just much work, but the runtime performance might be poor with that... ;(

      Any hint is highly appreciated.

      Best regards,
    • Hi Tish1,
      this would be possible, but the intention is, that particular user could maintain themselves the thresholds min/max for the value to be assigned to the defined category. This would mean, that a much larger number of values need to be stored (not min:99.50 and max:99.99, but 99.50, 99.51,..,99.98,99.99) and the user doesn't get an instant feedback (re-calculated categories after maintenance).

      So, maybe, another possibility now might be to create simply all Min and Max values on separate dimensions and make the user to maintain this in a very sparse cube then. This would allow to point on the threshold very exactly, but restrict the bandwidth to choose an individual threshold pattern... I will try this, willy-nilly.

      Thanks for your reply anyway :)

    • I solved it now using a compromise. The thresholds have now only one post decimal position, and the calculated value to match to it will be rounded accordingly. So I can match them exactly but have "only" 1000 assgnments to maintain.
      But an enhancement to PALO.DATA like PALO.DATA (...,AND( !'Value' <= 99.56, !'Value' >= 99.57),...) would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot for you reply :)