Conditional formatting just inside dimension

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  • Conditional formatting just inside dimension

    It would be nice to be facilitated to define e.g. some color styles depending on a particular attribute value, lets say:

    Dim: Country, Attribute: HumanDelevopmentIndex HDI, colouring: 1,00 to 0,75 = green, 0,74 to 0,50 = yellow, 0,49 and lower = red

    All Countries

    USA -> Attribute HDI: 0,910

    Thailand -> HDI: 0,682

    Lesotho -> HDI: 0,450

    Today, I cant implement this logic into the dimension, but only create some formatting inside a spreadsheet when using the dimension for reporting. But the next report designer might use the HDI-Attribute with different thresholds... I want to have the logic at one place, for having a single point of truth.

    I'd imagine to maintain this in the modeler together with elements/attributes/subsets... it should ask me, which component of the dimension I want to format and which component is the measure this depends from and which rule should work (like now with the spreadsheet). ^^