Create a new *.wss via Macro

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  • Create a new *.wss via Macro


    i'd like to be able to create a new *.wss File in my project via a Macro.

    If i try to export something p.e.

    function exportfile() {

    ActiveWorkbook()->export("F:\Windows\Jedox\Palo Suite\storage\h1-Public+Files\n1-example.wss");


    i can generate the file, but its not listed in my File-Manager even if i
    actualize the file-manager view or log-out and log-in....

    I really like the Starter Demo Project with all the Hyperlinks and so
    on, but i cant find a possibility to generate a new file without
    clicking on the New-Tab in the File-Manager.

    I'd be really pleased, if someone could help me with this :)

    I'm using Palo Suite 3.1.

    Thanks for each hint.


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