Problem with load etl of dimensions

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    • Problem with load etl of dimensions

      I have a serious problem when you run an etl, I can not my burden is reflected in the Excel and wanted to see if my problem is when I create the etl, what I do first is create 2 connections a relational database sqlserver 2005, which is where I draw my data, and another connection palo to create the dimension and leave my data here. After that I think the extraction of my data (pictures attached), then I think the load (attached image). then run the jobs and I get warnings (attached image), and then to see my size in excel modeller and here I open my bucket filling it with my dimensions loaded (attached image) after hitting out at me and my 4 sizing SQUE I loaded but I go to insert data and I get to 0 (zero) attached images, would appreciate if I can help, any help serves me. Thank you. :)
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    • Hola amigo,

      you should process the following steps:

      Build dimensions:
      1. Relational extract for each dimension
      2. Build tree for each dimension (i.e. TreeFH)
      3. Build one dimension for the facts.
      4. Load dimensions

      Build cube:
      1. Relational extract for cube -> select base fields for each dimension and select the facts
      2. Build TableTransform and take the relational extract for cube (step 1) as input.
      -> mode: normalize
      -> set the dimension for the facts
      -> set up the aggregation for the facts
      3. Load cube

      But you really should read the ETL manual. :)