1.5 HTTP API - getDataExport

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  • 1.5 HTTP API - getDataExport

    Good day!
    will http api support getDataExport? I do see support for that feature only in legacy version...

    BTW - that would be great to add an example for getdata export usage - at least for c or php api... that rather hard to get into it. And, probably your example will bring the light on the issue i see with that function (i've found workaround, but it's quite unpleasant :( if you provide elements array for export in the order as elements are returning via getdimension elements - everithing is fine. but if you mess that array (i meat not dimensions order, but order of dimension's elements) - you'll have less result rows! ;)

  • Hello Axel!

    The PHP extension for Palo 1.0 AND 1.5 will support getdataexport(). We will deliver an updated version of the extension for Palo 1.0 shortly and the new extension for Palo 1.5 within the final version of Palo 1.5.
    Both versions will include an PHP example for the usage of this function.

    Could you give us an example (short source code would be great) of the issue you noticed?

    Thanks in advance!
    With Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Jedox GmbH
    Jonathan Rass

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