Palo and MDX compliant datasource

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  • Palo and MDX compliant datasource


    I need to connect PaloWeb to a Cube (I've 2 scenarios, the first one is a Mondrian/Pentaho Cube and the second one is a SaS cube). Both Mondrian and SaS are MDX compliant . Can PaloWeb connect to a generic MDX compliant cube? Can you explain me how setup a similar solution? Is there a manual?


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  • kratzer wrote:

    as for Mondrian data are stored in a relational database, thus the "cube" itself does not contain data. You may connect to the source directly via ODBC or specific Db connection and create a model in Palo.
    Hi Kratzer,

    thanks for your answer. The fact is that I have already a model (with many cubes, aggregation table and a big data scenario) and I want to use that model with Pentaho and Palo. Is it possible?

    Is it possible to select a generic datasource for PaloWeb? Where? I can't find it...