Cost Allocation/Distribution in Palo

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    • Cost Allocation/Distribution in Palo

      Basically, I want to be able to replicate in Palo allocation rules and settlements that already exist in an SAP system. Coming from a BPC background, I was hoping to find the equivalent of the RUNALLOCATION statement in SAP BPC. I would appreciate if anybody could help me with a rule or rules that help me to achieve the scenario below:

      Cost center CC001 has 1000 USD of primary costs on it from cost element 600000.
      The primary cost on CC001 is to be distributed to 3 wbs elements (WBS001, WBS003, WBS003) in the proportion 20%, 20% and 60% respectively but using a secondary cost element 800000.

      The cube is a simplified cube with the following dimensions: Year, Month, Cost Element, Cost Center, WBS Element, Measures

      I have tried to use another cube (Allocations Rules) to represent the allocation rules described above and to do a lookup on this cube based on the receiving cost center and cost element but am getting stuck with the concept.

      Many thanks for your assistance.