No data in cube

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  • No data in cube

    I have made an project in Palo with ETL jobs. Everything works fine and the jobs also give back : "successful". The Dimensions are also made and the Cube...

    But....I do not have any data in the Cube... How come?

    2012-04-23 17:50:37,800 INFO : Lines read from extract TableT_Normalize: 2985

    2012-04-23 17:50:38,019 INFO : Records loaded to Cube: 2985
    2012-04-23 17:50:38,019 INFO : Finished load L_Cube_Insert of Cube Data_Kubus. Filled cells changed from 0 to 2985.
    2012-04-23 17:50:38,019 INFO : Finished execution of subjob Toevoegen_Waarden_In_Kubus after 1.467s with status: Completed successfully
    2012-04-23 17:50:38,034 INFO : Finished execution of job LabNoordISM after 15.298s with status: Completed successfully