jpalo_1.0.0.0016 connection attempt hangs

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    • jpalo_1.0.0.0016 connection attempt hangs

      Has anybody else seen this with PALO 1.5 and the PALO Java API 1.5?

      Replace the hardcoded IP in the example files with localhost. Code hangs at:
      Connection connection = ConnectionFactory.getInstance().newConnection(

      Connect works fine from the Excel add in on the same host and port.

    • hi floyd,

      please try these settings:
      1) the new server is listen on port 7777, so you have to adjust the PALO_SERVICE constant too
      2) in the .bat file (or if you run the program on cmdline) you have to set following vm argument "-Dcom.tensegrity.palo.http=true", so that the new part of the api will be used.

      E.g. the command line

      java -Dcom.tensegrity.palo.http=true -classpath .;..\lib\jpalo.jar org.palo.api.demos.ListDatabase Demo

      should run the ListDatabase example successfully.


    • one additional remark:
      the existence of the stated vm argument is due to the beta status of the new palo server and the corresponding jpalo api. It lets you switch between the new palo version (1.5) and the legacy one (1.0). However as soon as the server and the api reaches stable status the vm argument isn't needed any more and will be certainly removed. (sorry for this inconvenience...)