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    • ETL-Server SOAP Samples

      Hi Community,

      I am working with Palo the first time for school. My supervisor asked me, whether I am able to connect an own webservice to the Data in Palo (he is doing with webservices, so I have no other choice than say "yes" or "no"). So I am trying. I read/am reading the Palo/ Jedox handbooks, but about that they say something like "With SOAP it is possible to connect to webservices. In the included samples you'll find some examples how the connecting of webservices might look like." But I couldn't find the samples...

      So my question is: Would somebody be so kind to tell me, where I can find the samples?

      Thanks in advance

      Btw: I am using Jedox Suite, and there only Jedox Web for trial.

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