how could I store a .jpg @ this place: =SHOWPICT("/pr/images/bikersbest_logo_update.jpg")

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  • how could I store a .jpg @ this place: =SHOWPICT("/pr/images/bikersbest_logo_update.jpg")

    Just one question: Theres a report in the bikersbest example (Profit & Loss (DynaRange)) which contains a logo file. But it is not directly embedded into the .wss, but referenced using formula =SHOWPICT("/pr/images/bikersbest_logo_update.jpg"). Where resides this /pr/images - path? Do I need to store imagefiles first outside from the Jedox Suite, e.g. via FTP? On the server somewhere? Or could I use the Filemanager or ETL to bring it into my system and reference on it?
    I did not really find the file on the example folders, but also no post concerning it here...

    Best regards,
  • Hi Stefan,

    the directory is located here:
    /opt/jedox/ps/htdocs/app/docroot (or equivalent depending on your OS)

    the "/" at the begining of "/pr/images/bikersbest_logo_update.jpg" represent the root directory (in this case docroot). This docroot is set in the apache configuration : DocumentRoot "/htdocs/app/docroot"

    so yes you can connect with an ftp client to the server and upload the files. The other solution if you do not have access to the server, is to ask an administrator to create a shared folder (under docroot), where you would have full access to upload your files

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • Hello all,

    I'd like to resurrect this thread because the original poster also asked the following about an image file for the Jedox Web function SHOWPICT():
    'Or could I use the Filemanager or ETL to bring it into my system and reference on it?'

    In fact, uploading the image file into the file manager would be the optimal solution for many of my projects. The problem is, I do not know how to include an image file stored in the file manager as one of the parameters of SHOWPICT(). I played a little with the syntax but no luck.

    I'm using Jedox 6.0 SR2 with the 'Administration guide' for Jedox 5.1 SR5 since that's the last one that I can find. No solution there and a search in this forum and in the knowledge base have not helped.
  • Hi laloune,

    Thanks for the answer. Let's say that I've imported the file Small_red_circle.png in the file manager. I've tried what you've suggested: the function call is now =SHOWPICT("//Default/Public Files/Small_red_circle.png","1","1"), but in the end, I obtain only a 'missing graphic' graphic.
  • Now I understand.

    The exact sequence is as follows:
    1. double click on the graphic file in the file manager to open the graphic file;
    2. right click on the opened graphic file and choose the option to copy the link of the graphic (browser dependent); and
    3. copy the link between inverted commas as the first parameter of SHOWPICT().

    Thanks laloune and p.hildebrandt!