PALO.DATA enterprise rule does not work when value being looked up is a Calculated Value

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    • PALO.DATA enterprise rule does not work when value being looked up is a Calculated Value

      Hi All,

      I'm trying to use the following rule in one of my cubes:

      Source Code

      1. ['SKFTotal'] = N:PALO.DATA("Total","AllocationsCube",!'AllocationPhases',"TotalAccts",!'SrcCostObjects',"TotalAccts","Total CostObjects","SKFValue")

      I have also used the alternative

      Source Code

      1. ['SKFTotal'] = N:([SKFValue'] != 0) * ['Total CostObjects', 'SKFValue']

      I'm not sure if this is standard Palo behaviour or not but SKFValue is a manually entered values (e.g. 1), the rule works. However, if it is calculated using a rule (e.g. A lookup from another cube), the rule doesn't work.

      Please find attached a copy of my database and an excel sheet for testing. I'm essentially trying to find the sum total of all SKFValue when the element in the TargetCostObject dimension is the same as the element in the current record being processed (please see the screenshot of the excel sheet below to understand what I'm trying to achieve here).

      Thanks for your assistance.

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    • The problem may be your SKF Value -Rule. I would start with a hardcoded value for your SKF (Hours) which you can refine later:
      ['SKFValue'] = B:IF(PALO.DATA("Total","AllocationsCube",!'AllocationPhases',!'SrcAccts',!'SrcCostObjects',!'TrgAccts',!'TrgCostObjects',"FixedFactor") == 0,PALO.DATA("Total","BudgetingCube","TotalAccts","Total CostObjects","TotalAccts",!'TrgCostObjects',"Hours","Amount"),0)

      ['SKFTotal'] = B: PALO.DATA("Total","AllocationsCube",!'AllocationPhases',!'SrcAccts',!'SrcCostObjects',!'TrgAccts',"Total CostObjects","SKFValue")

      gives you the desired result.

    • Hi Kratzer,

      Thank you fof the feedback. Unfortunately, the value of SKF in the "SKFValue" rule is not fixed and taking your approach would mean I would have to write one rule for each type of SKF. Is it safe to say that this is a bug since the rule as I have written it works at some times but not always? Maybe it is restricted to PALO and works in Jedox?