Consolidation problems

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    • Consolidation problems


      I'm currently in the learning process, toying around with the server, the eclipse client tool and the Java API. The usage of the client is pretty straightforward and I can check my work done in Java.
      So here is my problem:
      I want to create a structure like this:
      Year 1
      1. Half
      2. Half
      Year 2
      1. Half
      2. Half

      running over several years. So far I created the dimensions, the cube and elements. Then I consolidated months into the year and that also worked. But when I added an additional year and tried to consolidate the months again they reference the same field. As a workaround I appended the year after the "Half", but that's not what I want. Any suggestions to what I'm missing? I tried the Javadoc, but that's not really a good tutorial and I found no sources besides that. So any sites with examples or tutorials would be appreciated as well.
    • RE: Consolidation problems


      You have to make seperate dimensions for the years and (i called it simply) months. Within the months you can consolidate everything you want, in my case Half, Quarter, Months.

      Example how I did that:


      1. Half
      1. Quarter
      2. Quarter
      3. Quarter

      For the import i seperated the date to 2 cells, but allready in the export of our database. It think it shouldn't be a problem if you have seperate the date within excel using formulars into own cells and using them for the import.


    • i'm not looking for any specific examples, more like a tutorial for creating and reading data with the API. i think i got most of it right, but some things are still a mystery to me :) one example of this would be ElementNodes, as i can just link Elements?

      So if you know of any tutorials, how to's or the like please share them.
    • sorry, I am not aware of any other tutorials or examples then those which come with the jpalo api. If you have any questions or problems just post them to this forum. Right now it seems that this is the only source for help...
      Regarding ElementNodes:
      as the api states they should be used to build tree like consolidation hierarchies. Since an element can be used multiple times within such a hierarchy an ElementNode is used to wrap it. Please refer to the ElementNodeVisitorDemo which comes with the jpalo api for an example of creating a tree representation from a consolidation hierarchy.